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Unlike a man, a woman is made up of thousands of feelings and emotions that necessarily is a part of the feminine phenomena and that is how a woman is made. Winning a woman's heart is no easy task and a man has to do thorough research in order to gain access to her heart. It all starts from what you say to her. You should choose your words wisely! Here are a few examples of what a woman absolutely loves to hear:
1. “I like your spirit, you are a warrior”
Whenever you compliment this to her, you instantly earn her respect! She sees that you have recognized her inside out. You know the struggles she has gone through and you are patting her by saying so, this just raises her spirit.

2. “I love your ambitions”
A woman is no less than a man when it comes to her dreams and achieving it. Women today are more inclined towards career and success. Therefore, she would love to hear such words from you. She would rest her faith in you knowing that you are there by her side.

3. “You are beautiful!”
Rather going for informal comments like “you are hot and sexy”, call her beautiful. Every woman once in a day would love to hear such a thing. Trust me, it makes her day!

4. “Text me once you reach home”
As clichéd as it might sound, this line tends to win a woman’s heart instantly. This would still be one of the most chivalrous lines to make a woman blush from within as she knows that you care about her.

5. “Did You Eat?”
Probably the most lovable line she would want to hear from you. It might sound sort of funny but believe me, this works wonders! She would love to see the concern in your eyes about her food habits.

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