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Marriage, as they say, is the amalgamation of two souls. If you’re married then you know your best friend, your guardian, your everything is the person you’ve tied the knot with. Your life revolves around her and same goes with her as well. Moreover, she leaves everything behind only to start a new journey with you. She has been rightfully granted the authority to be a part of you, to question you and to share all her happiness with you. Being a husband, it rests as your responsibility to take care of her needs and most importantly her emotional needs. Below are the few things you should never say her:

1. Just get over it!
This is something no woman would want to hear. If she’s is disturbed with something and she wants a clarification of it, you should rather help her get rid of it by sitting next to her and making her understand in a smooth manner instead of swooshing it away.

2. Please stop nagging me!
She doesn’t really need to nag provided you heard the first time. If you’d ignore her voice and expressions she’d obviously get irked and if then you say this, things could turn worse!

3. Sorry, what did you say?
This is one annoying line that makes her lose her temper. This clearly denotes that you aren’t paying attention to her at all. She might have said something in excitement or sheer anger that you didn’t find important enough to pay any heed to.

4. I hoped that you’d have done more at home!
This sounds not just rude but absolutely ridiculous! Just because she’s back at home doesn’t mean she has got no life other than hankering after household works. She already did a lot good to your home you’ve got no idea about. Leaving her back at home for 9 long hours and then returning back with such comments is sheer demotivating.

5. You were so different the first time we met!
No woman would really feel good with this comment! You’re indirectly putting her down by saying that she was good and attractive only in the beginning and with time everything faded away. Not only this breaks her heart but also she feels bad of herself.

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