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They say elders are filled with all the wisdom of the world but our parents have actually surpassed all the possible knowledge to an extent that now they can write an informational novel which would have high ethical value but it would pain your eyes and ears when you go for searching practicality in it.

I’m one among those peeps who happen to stay away from home and yes, I get to face some statements that I find hard to grasp and almost burst into laughter from within, these are the few statements you might relate as well if you’re staying away from home:
1. “Ones you start waking up early in the morning, everything’s going to be right”.
Like you serious Dad? All my things are going to run smoothly if I wake up early, including my break up. (sighs)

2. “Get you bath done early in the morning and you’ll not feel cold in winter”.
I would rather want to die than doing such a deed. Like, can even science explain the phenomena behind? Bathing early in the morning will cause my nerve to face numbness and that’s the wrath I don’t want to meet.

3.“Going out after 7 is never safe”.
How do you expect me to work overtime or extra hours then? There’s no possibility of going out for dinner with my colleagues in that case then.

4.“You should sit for a governmental exam”
Like why on earth? I mean I know it’s not a bad thing but why when I’ve already got a job which I’ve always wanted? It might be a private one but it’s causing no harm and is paying me equally well.

5.“ What will your in-laws say if they get to see you this way”
I’m not even planning to get married first of all because you guys have already scared the hell out of me about my in-laws. Do they really have to this monstrous every time? Am I getting married just to get judged differently? Better, if I don’t do one.

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