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Our Earth is one mysterious planet where thousands of innumerable places and creatures are still left undiscovered. Also, there are places on earth that have got some creepy touch but, we’d love to know all about it. Let’s have a look at all those places.

1. The Green Magical Lights And That Booming Sounds From Northern Lights
The lights appear both day and night, the origin of which still stands blurry. The lights not only look distinct in the sky but also it seems like floating to your bewilderment. The bright white, yellow and sometimes red lights travel in a fugitive way, also, it takes a very slower pace at times. To the Norwegians delight, this is one of most bewitching place on earth where they reside.

2. The Inexplicable Circles Of Namibia
In the great Namib Desert, circular patches in the middle of the land are detectable from way too far. The circular patches are an absolute freak of nature. It’s like in the middle of the grassy solid grounds appear dark patches that have seen no signs of grass so far. It’s popularly believed that hundreds of alien once landed here with their UFO’s, thus making the patch.

3. The Devil’s Kettle Of Minnesota
Mainly, the weird thing is about this place is about the waterfall of Bruce River which falls into a rock and further divides its way in two different ways. Not weird right? Let’s come to the main part, after dividing in two, it first travels down to the lake but the other falls in Devil’s kettle. Devil’s kettle suggests nowhere, a no man’s land which even the scientists have no idea about.

4. The Strange Humming
In north-central New Mexico, there’s this town where global celebrities have found a home. This list includes Julia Roberts, Dennis Hopper, and Donald Rumsfeld etc. This town has caught attention due to other reasons as well. It is said that there’s arises a strange humming sound at night making all the residents berserk. Some claim to be the sound of a factory boiler while other’s still can’t find any reason behind it.

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