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All of us have a preference for a particular sleeping position. Some love to sleep sideways while others prefer lying straight and the rest sleep in any random position. Little did we know that our sleeping postures too have an impact on our health. What Ayurveda says is, sleeping on your left side, also known as Vamkushi is the best sleeping position. Sleeping on the left side contributes to your health by making the functioning of your organs easy. Let us get a proper insight into how it benefits:

1. Your Heart Functions Better
It’s a known fact that our heart is on the left side and when you sleep on that side, the lymph drainage towards the heart is helped by the gravity, putting some extra-load off the heart while you sleep.

2. Helps In Better Digestion
Sleeping on your left side allows the gravity to move the food waste more easily from the small intestine into the large intestine through ileocecal valve (ICV). So, with the help of gravity and sound sleep, the descending colon is ready to get excreted from the body easily.

3. Good for the pregnant woman
Doctors advise pregnant women to sleep on their left as much as possible as it helps in taking the pressure off their backs and also enhances the flow of blood to the fetus and uterus. Sleeping on the left side also helps in a smooth flow of nutrients to the placenta.Also, she can bend her knees lightly and put a pillow in between her legs to make the position even more comfortable.

4. Snoring is reduced
This might seem a bit unbelievable but the fact is sleeping on your left actually helps in reducing and even stopping snoring. How? Sleeping on your left keeps your tongue and throat in a neutral position thereby keeping your airways clear for you to be able to breathe in a proper manner.

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