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As far as smartphones are concerned, camera functionality is one of the most important features for most young mobile phone users. Smartphones have brought a diverse change in mobile photography as more users make the switch from the complicated professional DSLRs to smaller and super-portable smartphone cameras. It is now easier to take high-quality pictures using just your smartphone than ever before.

Just have a look around on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Pictures have become the single most important medium to share our daily lives. We love to take photos of food, daily commute, vacations, and just about everything as it has become quite quicker now. With technology making these smartphone cameras better each year, usage can’t stop increasing.
Thanks to better hardware and powerful software. One essential trend that has caught the attention of both users and mobile phone makers is the multiple camera sensors in smartphones. It all started with a dual camera setup and now we can avail smartphones with a triple-camera setup at the back as well.

So how does a triple-camera setup really help you take better photos? Multiple camera sensors along with a combination of lens enables better smartphone photography. A triple-camera setup allows you to take better low-light photos. It’s important for most young smartphone users because they cannot find great lighting conditions everywhere. Other advantages takes into account better dynamic range, digital zoom capabilities, blur effects and many more.

The on-screen fingerprint sensor is another great feature that smartphones are gradually adopting. We've had fingerprint sensors on smartphones for a while now, but on-screen fingerprint sensors can bring up a great change around. For beginners, it's a lot more convenient than using a conventional fingerprint sensor.

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