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Insomnia or sleeplessness has become quite rampant in today’s date. It starts initially with stress and fear, also overthinking is one major cause of sleeplessness. With constant nights going without sleep, it develops into a habit, where you lose all your sleep and lie on the bed with your eyes wide open. No matter how hard you try, your eyelids are just not in a mood to shut. Don’t jump into the conclusion that it has got no remedies; it definitely has.
Following steps would help you release all the stress and help you enjoy a sound sleep:

1. A Warm Bath Before Sleep
Taking a warm bath just two hours before going to bed, releases all the stress of the body and also induces sleep at night. You might notice the sharp change just after taking the bath.

2. Massage
It’s a known fact that massage is one of the best ways to calm your body down. It rejuvenates your body in a way that you get proper rest. Taking massage at night takes down the feeling of pain, anxiety, and depression and improves the quality of sleep.

3. Use Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is known to lighten your mood and bring in sleep. You can either go for lavender supplements or can put a few drops of oil on your hand and just sniff it. Also, it's safe.

4. Milk & Honey
It’s an indigenous method to get proper sleep. Milk contains amino acid tryptophan, which increases the amount of a hormone that works as a natural sedative.

5. Herbal Tea
Try passionflower tea and chamomile tea at night, as it ’s said to bring sleep by cutting down the time taken to get sleep and calms your body.

6. Magnesium
A study has found that it encourages a healthy sleep pattern. You can either have a magnesium supplement or can add one cup of magnesium powder in your bath water every day.

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