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I’m sure that by now, of course, if you’ve seen Gully Boy, you know who rose to an equal height along with Ranveer Singh, yes! We’re talking about the new hunk Sidhhant Chaturvedi aka MC Sher who plays the role of Murad aka Gully Boy’s guide friend and triumphs in his first ever movie.

Siddhant has revealed about how he was discovered by director Zoya Akhtar.
It’s in an interview with Firstpost, that for the first time the actor recalled when he was approached by none other than Zoya, who strongly asked him to audition for the film. “The film had already started. They were casting for the film, I didn’t know anything about it,” he said. He caught Zoya’s sight at the success party of Inside Edge (an Amazon Prime show), where he was dancing and approached him to asked, “Who are you?”

“I was like, ‘I’m Siddhant’,” he continued. Zoya then asked him if he’d audition for Gully Boy, and when Siddhant said he hadn’t and had no idea about it, she adviced that he should, more so, she called him for an audition the very next day itself. He was also asked to check out the music of rappers like Divine and Naezy as it is said that Gully Boy is partially based on their life story - and to by-heart a rap song for the audition.

Naturally, Siddhant was ‘blown away by their talent’ but couldn’t even think of memorising one of their raps. That’s when he realised that he could actually connect to a lot of themes that Divine and Naezy were rapping about. “I had my own struggle,” he said, and they had their own struggles. So Siddhant decided to burn the midnight oil and write his own, personal rap song.

The next day he woke up to a call from an unknown number. “Hi, this is Zoya Akhtar,” he heard on the other end. That’s when Zoya told him that she’d loved his audition and will send over the script of Gully Boy to him, and if he liked it, they would love to get him on board.
His performance in the film throughout has been mind-blowing. Siddhant also added that his character as a mentor of sorts for Ranveer Singh’s Murad isn’t based on Naezy or Divine, but is an amalgamation of many rappers. And surely he justified his role in the most perfect way possible. We’re now jumping to see more of this powerhouse in Bollywood.

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