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Well, it can go without saying that what India does today, the West thinks a decade later about it. It might sound really ridiculous, because we are all in a line to rather follow them in terms of their food habits or garments and apparels, and it’s true.
From bringing out “Cardiac Coherence Breathing” which basically turned out to be pranayam, to recently figuring out how to make leaf plates, the West should really start to take classes from us to make their lives better.

So, you must be thinking why are we blabbering about this stuff now, as in what’s the use. So it goes like the new single of Jonas Brothers named ‘Sucker’ has been doing rounds ever since it’s release.

The reason being quite obvious, our ‘desi girl’ stars in the very video alongside husband Nick Jonas and actually all the three Jonas sibling along with their lady loves made a western version of “Hum saath saath hain”,wearing suits and fancy dresses, dancing and making merry, drooling over each other is quite familiar to us now, right?
Netizens can’t really stop connecting it to the 1999 family blockbuster which of course has got something to do with the song after all!
Without much ado, one of the speculators gone to the extent of making a spoof of ‘Sucker’, which is cracking everyone up to the core. It is, on a serious note sits so perfect that you can’t help watch this hilarious spoof again and again.

Jonas Brothers fans across the world might be taking some time to grasp the fact that the new song right now, but just putting it out there – India did it first, way back.

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