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Right from our childhood, we’ve grown up grasping the fact that Holi is a festival when all the rags come out of the closet, for no sane person would wear something good or presentable that is meant to go to the trash right after celebrating the festival. But, our very own Bollywood has always projected something so vague and wrong that at some point even we thought of putting up with some nice designer clothes and go out in a fancy way to play colors. Here is the bizarre trend which Bollywood came forth while playing Holi:

1. The Whites
Who the hell even dares to wear white in such a festival. If I’ve even tried to do something like this, my mom would rush to me to put a slap across my face and that’s how my Holi would get ruined.

2. Lehengas
Are you kidding me? How on earth one wears a lehenga when it’s meant to get ruined during the festival. I have not imagined wearing lehenga except for some wedding ceremonies or something like that, but Holi? Oh God! What a sheer misleading of fashion.

3. Flared Long Skirts
This festival is played more like a game running for your life, playing hide and seek because of which we need to wear comfortable clothes so that we can fly around. Bot oh, Bollywood ladies don’t have to run anywhere because of which prefer wearing long skirts since they don’t have the ruthless friends like us who would tear out whatever you wear.

4. Accessories
This is heights! This is the peak of all that we’ve been talking about. Jewelry? I mean how? Either it’s because the heroine in our films doesn’t really know what Holi exactly is or they don’t mind throwing away those elaborate accessories in the trash.

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