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Field crashers are one of the most entertaining personalities we could ever find. Some call them the field invaders and others call them the sheer attention seekers, but, personally I think, they’re much important or else how will we know how crazy people are for sports and what crucial role it plays to add to the excitement in our lives.
Mostly, it’s like The game runs in full swing when a fan rushes onto the field to celebrate or protest an incident. Whether you like it or not, field intrusions and pitch invasions are part of sporting culture. And we know that most are spectacular interludes, the gatecrasher, of course, is promptly removed and the game immediately resumes. They're moments we all remember, and can admit we've shared a laugh over.
Well, mostly the field crashers are seen in football who can actually go to any extent to meet their favorite player. They might wear weird costumes or can actually run naked to catch hold of their favorite’s attention. There have been many such cases especially, in football and cricket where even a very crucial match was called off because of field invaders creating havoc in the match.
Let’s take you on a ride to the hilarious pictures where the most hysterical situations with the field crashers are captured and it’s sure to make you laugh like nothing but hell.











You must have got a fair idea now if you’re seeing these pictures for the first time that how spectators shortly become a part of the show. Apart from all laughs, we should also somewhere not forget the huge love these peeps hold for sports or else who would want to commit such a mocking scenario for their own selves! Right?

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