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#MeToo movement has created a stir for sure which has encouraged women to voice about harassment at the workplace and increased awareness on this issue but turns out that this empowering movement also led to a few not so favorable consequences. A recent study has come out with the fact that male leaders are uncomfortable interacting with female colleagues at work, including a one-on-one meeting. Can this pose a new threat to the career of the millennial women?

In a study done by SurveyMonkey (a survey platform) for, a non-profit organization founded by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg to support working females, the researchers enquired more than 5,000 working professional and concluded that 60 percent male managers hesitate to interact with female employees at the workplace. This includes mentoring, socialising, and one-on-one meetings.

The same study was even conducted last year and 34 percent male managers accepted the fact that they happen to be uncomfortable in socializing with their female colleagues outside the workplace. Quite astonishingly, the number has hiked to 48 percent this year.
The research puts forward that 34 percent males, about a third of the participants, have intentionally started ignoring women employees outside work and are more unwilling to have a one-on-one meeting even outside workplace and travel with them for official purpose.

As far as statistics are concerned the senior male employees are 12 times more likely to be uncomfortable in having a face to face meeting with a junior female colleague in comparison to a male colleague. Adding to this, they are nine times more likely to be feeling hesitated while traveling and six times more likely to be uncomfortable to sit for a work dinner with a female colleague than a male colleague.

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