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Walt Disney World Resort quite recently started on a new initiative, joining hands with the Reedy Creek Improvement District and solar project developer Origis Energy USA, to bring a new 270-acre, 50-megawatt solar facility online that will produce enough renewable clean energy to power two of its four theme parks in Central Florida! It is located near Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This breakthrough is just one big part of Disney’s continued commitment to environmental consciousness.

The Walt Disney Company has launched many efforts to contribute to its 2020 goal of bringing down the level of net greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to 2012 – the solar facility is for sure the one huge these efforts. The facility will bring down greenhouse gas emissions by more than 57,000 tons per year – which is the annual similar to the removal of 9,300 automobiles from the roads – with its half a million solar panels. The company claims to have already reduced its global emissions by 41 percent in 2017 – making the 50 percent by 2020 target look very achievable.

This amazing step towards environment doesn’t stop at energy production! The Disney cast members for this new project includes representatives from Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment and Horticulture teams. They are all joining together, accumulating their unique skills and expertise, to explore ways in which they can make the new solar facility pollinator friendly, with rich wildflowers and vegetation, creating a safe and welcoming habitat for butterflies, bees and other insects, including endangered and vulnerable species. This significant work matches perfectly with the Disney Conservation Fund’s “Reverse the Decline” initiative, which aims to reverse the decline of 10 threatened species, including butterflies.

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Disney had disclosed a five-megawatt solar facility near Epcot that was developed in a joint juncture with the Reedy Creek Improvement District and Duke Energy. During the sun’s peak hours when it is shining brightest, these two together will come out with enough renewable clean energy to provide up to 25 percent of the power needs at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

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