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A sick and starving polar bear was spotted wandering into an industrial city in northern Siberia, strolling on the streets and a local garbage dump looking for something to eat, reports say. Such a pitiful sight!

The officials of Norilsk, which is above the Arctic Circle, made the residents aware on Tuesday that a polar bear had been seen in the Russian city for the first time ever in more than four decades, the Associated Press reported, citing the news agency Tass. Photos and videos showed the female bear, which appeared on Sunday outside the city center, walking across a busy road with muddy paws, digging through the trashes and just giving up and lying down from apparent tiredness on the ground.

The wildlife expert who captured images of the bear told Reuters that it had sort of watery eyes and her disposition was like she wasn’t able to see well.Oleg Krashevsky told Reuters it wasn’t really clear why the animal had to get to the city, but one has to wonder whether it was simply lost. In either case, he speculated that the animal was in extremely poor condition to return it to its natural habitat, according to the news agency.

The recent sighting is reminded everyone of one earlier this year in which dozens of polar bears invaded a Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.
As Stanley-Becker previously reported, polar bears “are classified as a vulnerable species because of the ‘ongoing and potential loss of their sea-ice habitat resulting from climate change,’ according to the World Wildlife Fund. The International Union for Conservation of Nature estimates that there are 22,000 to 31,000 polar bears worldwide."
This is a clear alarm for the humankind that the world and its creatures are losing places to live and the global contamination is not checked then no one knows even we might lose our place one day.

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