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1. Better Digestion
The intake of lukewarm water helps in digestion as it breaks down the food particles in the stomach quickly and also helps the digestive glands to perform its function accurately. It makes the metabolism stronger and prevents the acid making inside the abdomen.
2. Throat Infections
Warm water helps to cure sore throat. It gives you relief in severe pain. It is even more beneficial when you add a small pinch of salt in it as it reduces swelling in the throat.
3. Constipation Issues
People who mainly drinks less water or chilled water, they always face problems related to constipation. Deficiency of water in the body leads to hardening of stool and makes it difficult to pass. Drinking warm water easily digests food and makes the whole process easy.
4. Menstrual Problems
Warm water is a godsend for women during their menstrual cycle. It reduces the cramps in the stomach and gives a soothing effect in no time. Ladies can take a bottle of hot water and place it to their stomach to get relief. They must also add carom seeds in the warm water and keep drinking it in short intervals.
5. Expel toxic substances
Drinking enough water will expel out the toxic substances from your body and drinking hot water will do it more efficiently and quickly. Those, who don’t drink sufficient water that body requires, they tend to get prone to various diseases like urine infection, kidney infections, stones, etc. This is due to the poisonous substances that affects our system and hence prove dangerous to the body. So having lukewarm water helps in removing the toxic materials from the body and gives you a good health.
6. Skin problems
Water intake is best for the skin problems such as acnes, redness, skin rashes, etc. The more water you drink, the more glowing skin you will posses. Warm water helps in purifying the blood which makes the skin more healthy and charming. Just one glass of lukewarm water daily will definitely leads to beautiful skin.
7. Sound Sleep
Warm water decreases the problem of sleeplessness. Having a glass of lukewarm water before going to bed at night will become really beneficial as it calms down and soothes the muscles and nerves of the body and give you a sound sleep. That one glass of warm water intake also helps one to feel energetic and rejuvenating in the morning.
8. Improves Brain Functioning
Dehydration causes shrinking of brain muscles. Warm water helps in gaining the perfect form of the muscles that helps in better functioning of the brain. A person then feels more creative and efficient in his work as he can think properly without any distraction. It also releases hormones and neurotransmitters in an easy manner that helps in harmonization of the whole body.
9. Prevents Dandruff
Warm water hydrates the skin of the scalp from within which helps in preventing dandruff. Drinking warm water everyday will give your hair a beautiful look as it gives proper moisture to the scalp.
So, Make it a habit to drink lukewarm water daily specially in the morning and during the night while going to bed. It would surely make you feel healthy.
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