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Advertisements are a great source of promoting the goods and services of a company. But, in this race of making promotions on a fast pace, advertisement companies forget the fact that they are making their product taglines really frivolous. We can also witness the same insanity in 90’s commercials also. Some people recognize these stand out taglines, some just watch it in a regular way.
Here are some famous 90’s advertisements with some funny taglines.
Let’s have a look-
1. Uncle Chipps- “Bole Mere Lips, I Love Uncle Chipps”
Who will make them understand that “Are bhai lips nai tum bol rhe ho, tum bs lips hila re ho”.
2. Coca-Cola- “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola' a”
Really? But I used to think that there is a substance called ice which is cold enough. “To fir ye Coca Cola kaise thanda ho gya.”
3. Close Up- “Kya Ap Close Up Krte Hain”
First of all, who are you to ask this question? Come ‘on guys, “pehle koi puchta hai k tooth paste mein namak hai k nahi ab puch rhe ho close up krte ho k nahi.” No! don’t want to answer you.
4. Onida- “Neighbor’s Envy, Owners Pride”
Beware! Onida might plan a murder against your neighbor. lol. Why would a television becomes someone's enemy. So lame it is!
5. Cadbury Diary Milk- “Asli Swaad Zindgi Ka”
Then, which is the “nakli swad zindgi ka”? I am eager to taste this dish (zindgi) for once, atleast.
6. Feviquik- “Chutki Mein Chipkaye”
Dude! I tried it many times, “bhut br chutki bjai”, But it always take 2-3 minutes to stick to. lol. How confident they are!
7. Classic Toothbrush-“Iska Maza Hai Nirala”
Does someone loves to do toothbrush? I am always in hurry doing it. I don’t get the concept of “Maza lena” then. Crazy!
8. Alpenliebe – “Jee Lalchaye, Rha Na Jaye”
Dude! This tagline would have definitely suited to advertisement on “anardana goli” for pregnant women.
9. Yamaha- “A Love Affair That Never Ends”
Why love affair? You should marry Yamaha- your true love! I am sure it'll be the best wife. Haha!
10. Bajaj- “Roshni Ki Duniya Ka Sartaaj”
I have heard about “Bhooton ki duniya” but where is Roshni ki duniya?? Seems interesting! Just imagine- Bajaj as “Raja” and Philips, Surya and other bulb brands as "Prajaa". lol
Recall some more silly taglines of 90’s advertisements and go Rofl!
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