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Yoga has already fixed its place in different parts of the country and also among various people. It is becoming the more powerful weapon to make you healthy and fit. The real benefit of Yoga is to have the holistic development of the body as well as mind. The mind experiences peace and ultimately body relaxes itself downdue to the proper blood circulation throughout the body. Apart from that, Yoga also enhances positivity, tones up the body with the desirable weight one should have according to his age and height.
No matter, how hard one’s life is, Yoga is always an advantage for all. Especially, for the celebs who have made Yoga a part of their lifestyle. They take pride in practicing yoga every day. Most of them are indulging themselves into Yoga like Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu, Sunny Leone andothers and have also released their DVD’s on Yoga. They are of the view that Yoga not only makes them fit but it also acts as a relaxant and boost their enthusiasm.
Here are some famous celebrities who credit to Yoga for their harmonious life:-
1. Illeana D’Cruse
A famous actress, who practice yoga daily to relieve daily stress. She says that it has also helped her to have a perfect toned body.
2. Alia Bhatt
Alia is the latest celeb to join Yoga and she never misses her work out even if she is on a vacation. Doing Yoga and Meditation is actually advised by her dentist. Due to stress, she keeps grinding her teeth which ultimately results in headache. But with Yoga, she is now able to deal with the stress and pain.
3. Madonna
Madonna has changed her idea about working out after delivering her baby. She started doing Yoga, from then. The asana she mainly practices is Ashtanga. For her, Yoga is the metaphor of life. It is a workout in total i.e. for mind, body and soul.
4. Sachin Tendulkar
The God of Cricket Sachin also practices Yoga. He has indulged himself in Yoga since, few years. The real cure of his severe backache problem is actually the asanas he does on regular basis.
5. Keith Mitchell
The famous former footballer has made Yoga as his profession. Yes! He is a Yoga teacher now. He was once diagnosed with Spinal Contusion. So, her nurse inspired him to indulge himself into meditation. That’s how he got into it. Now, he teaches people the benefits of Yoga.
6. Kareena Kapoor
The famous actress and the well known new momy gives all credit to Yoga, for making her Slim Trim. Her pre as well as post- pregnancy made her put up weight but gradually, she maintained herself doing Yoga and meditation.
7. Ricky Martin
The famous singer, Ricky is also in this list. He practices Yoga to make a balance among his heart, mind and physical body. He also gains inner peace and serenity through Yoga.
8. Arjun Rampal
The handsome model and actor of Bollywood has also included Yoga in his fitness regime. He is actually inspired by Kareena to do yoga and meditation regularly. It keeps him fit and healthy.
9. Justin Langer
The American Opener Justin has got this inspiration from Lyenger who runs a Yoga institute in Pune. Lyenger helped him curing his lower back and shoulder problems through various aasans he suggested to him. Justin says that he is extraordinary and a real inspiration to him.
10. Deepika Padukone
The gorgeous actress has imbibed a habit of doing Yoga in the early hours of the day. She says that Yoga and Meditation is the reason for her beautiful skin, healthy and positive mind and fit body.
So, People, on this occasion of International Yoga Day, let’s swear by Yoga and include it in our daily routine. It will surely bring out the best in you and will equilibrate your body, mind and heart.
Be Calm and Do Yoga!
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