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Despite the progress we have made in terms of equal rights between men and women, we are still lacking at it. Whether it is in the form of Education, Physical Abuse or Income, women have never seen a better time in history when it comes to their treatment. We have reached the Universe, yet there are some countries where women haven’t given the chance to celebrate the same opportunities as men. Yes, we have made a remarkable progress in recent years but some parts of the world are still sticking to the old and tough traditions that wrench the soul of a woman by degrading her to the extremity.
Here are some toughest countries where women’s life can be considered highly insecure (sometimes dangerous too).
1. Turkey
Being born as a woman in Turkey is not easy. A woman has no career outside home. The occupations of men and women are pre-defined. Men has full freedom to go out where as women has to do household chores. Gender-based violence is also very common in Turkey. Women can’t go out and walk on the streets late night as they are more likely to get raped, tortured and murdered. They can’t even have a right to take decisions about anything related to their own life.
2. Saudi Arabia
There are so many restrictions that are imposed on women in Saudi Arabia. First of all, women cannot open a bank account without the permission of her husband. She can’t even drive a car not for the reason that it is banned for the women but just because Saudi Clerics prohibited it, calling it ‘undermining Social values’. The dress code of women is strictly governed by Islamic law i.e. before going out of the house; they have to wear ‘Abaya’- a long cloak and a head scarf to cover themselves from head to toe. Moreover, they are not supposed to talk to men whom they are not related to. They are not supposed to swim in public pools too. They can’t even try on clothes, while shopping.
3. Afghanistan
It is the only country where the suicide rate of women is higher than men. Girls are forced to get married before they reach the age of 16. Here 85% of women have no formal education and are illiterate. Being at home is the most unsafe place for women in Afghanistan. Around 87% of them have reportedly become the victim of domestic violence in one or the other point in their lives. Most of the girls marry far older men, whom they meet at their time of wedding.
4. Somalia
Somalia has been considered as one of the dangerous countries for women so far. 98% of Somali women have been subjected to female genital mutilation at the age between 4 and 11. It is basically a procedure of removing the external genetilia and again stitched to a narrow opening to allow the flow of urine and blood during menstruation. Some Somalis misinterpret this procedure as a religious obligation to ensure virginity of a girl. But this brutality actually becomes a lifetime suffering for a woman. She is also forced to get into marriage before the age of 18. Parents usually sell their young daughters into marriage in exchange for money due to the poor economic conditions of the country. Somali women have to submit them to the male as wives, daughters and mothers.
5. Yemen
Discrimination is a serious problem in Yemen. Women are not recognized as equal to men in terms of decision making and participating in other important issues. Yemen has a high maternity mortality rate that is; seven women die every day because of the complications during childbirth. Women are considered inferior to men and have limited access to education and health care.
6. Sudan
Women in Sudan are routinely killed as a punishment to Adultery. Those women who indulge in premarital sex receive 100 lashes as a penalty. Sexual violence is very common and often goes unpunished. Women also get imprisonment for small things like dancing with a man, coming home late at night and owning a salon before the age of 35. Marital sex is also a very common negative factor in Sudan.
7. Nepal
Nepal is considered as patriarchal and misogynous society i.e. a society that shows a great dislike to women or act in a way that affects negatively. Even in some of the places, women are expelled from her house during the menstruation. They are asked to live in huts alone, not allowed to go in the kitchen and to touch things related to worship. They are seen as a property of father or husband and have to do things accordingly. Sexual trafficking is also a serious issue in Nepal. Women who don’t get married till their teenage years, are sold to sex traffickers. Women involvement in technical and vocational field is also less than men which are huge factors that largely contribute to turn Nepal into a lower developmental country.
8. India
In India, the most intense problem that is taking a terrible shape is the problem of Justice to a woman. India is considered as a slow road to justice when it comes to the rape victims. Nirbhaya case which agitated the whole nation came up with its final decision after almost five years. Similarly, a 12 year old girl who was gang raped in Gurugram got justice after 11 years. On the other hand, woman, who becomes the victim of rape, is seen as guilty of the whole act. So, Women’s life gets pathetic this way.
Girls don’t need to change, but the cultural framework they are growing up in, certainly does. When all women can live free from violence and discrimination-they can reach their full potential. Then only the world can become a worthy place to live in.
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