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Retirement in someone’s life brings along with itself a feeling of being free from the professional work and be at home with ease. But mostly, it has been seen that retirement often carries ambiguous ideas. Some people are optimistic about it and some are afraid to face the monotony of being retired. Some say that they will do the things that they always wanted to, while some don’t want to get retired because they have no idea what they will going to do in the leisure time.
All these thought processes disturb one emotionally. Those who are mentally strong, optimistic and who have planed their post- retirement things in advance, for them, retirement is just a like a cake walk. But the pessimist would have to face so many mental hurdles that might affect him psychologically. The only way to deal with the problems is to maintain a positive approach to life and realize self worth which probably assists to ease oneself into retirement.
Here are 9 ways to cope with emotional challenges of retirement:-
1. Maintain self esteem
Always try to think in a positive way. A person should not lose his identity tag. This could be a disconcerting factor for him. Some people feel themselves useless after getting retired from their jobs. For a long run, this might affect them psychologically. So, they should realize their existence and worth in life.
2. A new phase of life
Giving 60 years to a working sector is something that one cannot forget about, throughout his life. The people in the work place become a family and the work environment becomes one’s habit. A change in this daily routine gets too difficult to handle for some people after getting retired. But the best way to cope up with this situation is to frame a healthy mental set towards things and take it as a beautiful new phase of life.
3. Maintaining the relationships
People, after retirement, feel irritated because of the change they experience in their day to day life. Now, they have to stay at home among their family members and indulge themselves in the homely activities. As they are not used to these thing, they feel annoyed at some points. The best thing they can do is trying to become cheerful. They should also sometimes make gestures to make everyone happy in the family.
4. Indulging in social activities
After getting retired, one should join some NGO. Imparting free education to poor children is also a great thing to do. This can help one to make others emotionally strong and also at the same time contributing for a great cause.
5. Help others in Decision making
Post retirement, one should not feel like he is not needed anymore. The respect in the eyes of family members remains the same. It’s the retired person, who feels the difference. He sometimes feels less important personality in the family whose decisions does not matter. He feels so because he does not earn anymore. But he should always consider the fact that he is still the same person whom his family needs in every situation. He is the one who has to involve and suggest his own opinions about things and should help other family members to make wise decisions.
6. Be playful
After getting retired, one should not spend his life doing nothing and getting bored. This way, he might get dull by making his life monotonous. Rather, he should play with his grandchildren, taking them to the park, answer their curious questions and spend quality time with them. This would rejuvenate him and he would certainly become nostalgic about his own childhood. This would help him forgetting his retirement blues.
7. Act wisely
No doubt, retirement carries along with it so much of difficulties which are not easy to manage. But the person has to be little cautious and should act wisely in complicated situations. He should not be always lost in his own world, rather think something productive.
8. Enjoy your hobbies
This is the best way to handle your retirement blues. Your feelings, emotions, hobbies, likings are waiting to get fulfillment. This is the right time to attend to own self. Making ourselves happy, following our hobbies like gardening, travelling, reading, playing your favorite sport, etc. is the simplest way to enjoy the leisure time.
9. Sense of mortality
Retirement can serve as a reminder that you are close to the end of your life. Person also sometimes feels like, “What I will lose next”. If this is the case then one should surely try to find his own path. He should explore something he has never done. This will help him to stimulate his mind and strengthen him emotionally.
Retirement means that it is a time for new adventure. Feel free and set your goals to dream a new dream.
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