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Google Baba is our savior whenever we feel ourselves trapped in a tricky situation whether we are looking for simple solutions like – ‘How to cook paneer butter masala?’ or ‘where is Taj Mahal?’ Google acts like a godsend for us. But, what if what you are making is a Uttapam or a Hyderabadi Biryani? You would presume you can still turn to online recipes for “South Indian Masala” but here you will find our self-trapped. Because Google is not going to answer your question, in fact, it will act misogynistic.
In fact, if you ever type “South Indian Masala”, your search results would come out as this:
WTF! God know how Google came to this conclusion, that South Indian Actress are shown as soon as your type “SOUTH INDIAN MASALA”.
Now, apparently, after this regrettable Google goof up, you would be interested to see if “North Indian Masala” will show in hot photos of Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor or Bipasha Basu but, the answer would be surprisingly no. It is not even close. Here is what would toss up on your screens if you were to look for “North Indian Masala”:
Astonished? So are we.
Have we stepped down to such a level? Comparing women to nothing more than objects of sexual desires? Women are much more than just ‘masala’ y’all. They are actual, living breathing creatures who be worthy of much more and much better than just your lasciviousness. These ‘masala loving’ fools make fun of in every possible way. And there is nothing funny about it.
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