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Relationships mainly depend upon trust. The main factor to keep your relationship last long is to build faith between you and your partner. In today’s arena, we witness a lot of relations building and breaking up every day. The reason behind this can be the certain sets of behavior that couples posses which directly affects their relationship (positively or negatively). The partners tend to forget about the basic things that feed a relation and make it healthy and long lasting. Relationships- even the best relationship in the world requires attention, nurturing and loyalty. If you are working on these three then you are going towards a right direction.
Research has proved that every couple holds a unique relationship. But there are certain important factors that are considered beneficial to build a happy and long term relationship.
Here are 15 key things that make your love last forever
1. Ego-resiliency
Ego-resiliency is a capacity that enables individual to adapt to the changing demands of the situation. It is basically lowering your level of negative ego. Apparently, ego is the considered the most harmful aspect in a relationship. When both the partners are egoistic and unable to resist their ego then it’s normal for them to enter into a conflict. So, to avoid conflicts, at least one of the partners needs to control his negative ego.
2. Compromise
The other reason to be in a healthy relationship is to adapt the habit of making compromises. Relationship is all about give and take. If you expect something from your partner, then you should have a heart to give what the other is expecting from you. To make your spouse happy by doing things of his choice (even if you don’t like it much) is important to take your relationship to another level. This will surely help to build a better understand between you two.
3. Respect
Respect is also a two-way process. It is also a prominent factor for a long term relationship. If you respect your partner and he respects you too, it automatically pops up more love in your relationship. Respect is a baseline of a relationship. Love without respect is sometimes dangerous as it crushes the other person’s sentiment, literally. So to have a healthy and long term relationship, couple must respect each other by heart.
4. Patience
As we see, in young couples, there is no patience level. They always fight on petty issues. The arguments, aggressions, harassments are getting common in relationships, these days. Even if the partners are mature enough, they are not good listeners. One doesn’t try to listen to the other, hence fail to understand his emotions. So it’s important to be patient and listen to your partner calmly and then put forward your view point. This will help your spouse to realize that you are concerned about his feelings.
5. Always be supportive
Always support each other, no matter what the situation is. Sometimes, your partner can be sad because of his office problem, family issues or any personal problem. It’s your responsibility to support him at that time rather imposing your own tensions. Listen to him calmly and try to find out a solution for it. Also, when the whole world is against him, just hold his hand and say, “I am here”.
6. Acceptance
If you are truly in love with your partner, then accept the way as he is. Try to ignore negative thing or bad habits as no one is perfect. The true love is when you accept your partner with all his flaws and never demand him to change. Accept how he/she love you because at the end of the day, only love matters.
7. Forgive and Forget
The way to healthy relationship also depends upon the fact that you need to forgive your partner whatever the situation is. Also, never put forward those old fights when you are again into an argument in future. Just forget about the prior problems and start with a new day. Couples should not to go to bed at night, in an angry mood. This would linger on their problems. It’s always good to solve the fights before going to bed.
8. Appreciation
The quality that both the partner should posses is appreciating each other. Whatever your partner does like shopping, eating, or working on a new project, always appreciate him. this makes your partner happy and realize that you actually admire him.
9. Spending time
Always try to find quality time to spend with your partner. Make weekend plans and enjoy. Laugh together, be together and communicate as much as possible. This will uplift the romance and you will definitely get closer to each other.
10. Expression of Love
Loving someone is great but that would be of no use if you are not expressing it. Be close to your partner; tell him that you love him. Also, be the first to make a move. Expression of love is important to gain happiness in your relationship.
11. Recalling special moments
It’s important to recall the old and gold moments that you have spent together. Cherish those moments as they will bring more spark in your relationship and you will realize your depth of love. Special moments are always precious. So, remember them to make new beautiful memories.
12. Give surprises
Who doesn’t love surprises? And when you are in love, you love them even more. This makes your relationship full of romance and harmony. You can leave a surprise note while going to office or put a love note in his/her bag. You can also surprise a plan for your loved one. This would rejuvenate your relationship and maintain it forever.
13. Never judge
A true relationship has no room for judgment. You only judge a person when you are not attached to him. But if you are in a relationship, try to maintain an understanding level that helps you to have a positive view about your partner. Judging your partner never denotes love.
14. Do things together
Help each other in every way. If she is working in the kitchen, go and help her in cooking food. This would make you to spend time with her. Showing this gesture will also make her feel that you care. Similarly, if he is doing some office work, try to help him in lowering his pressure. Sharing each other’s work will always lit up the light of your relationship.
15. Be loyal
The most important ingredient to make a relationship long lasting is to have trust for each other. If you are not loyal to your partner then your relationship is just meaningless. To make it go smooth and passionate, make sure you build up trust between you.
Relationship only gets successful when you care and nurture it with love, honesty and respect. So, keep it healthy and maintain it forever.
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