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Bollywood has always been the trend setter and a great source of inspiration for us all. The dressing style, foot wears, make-ups, hairdos, etc., are copied by the people and become style statements. Usually, the trend which is copied immediately is the hairstyles of Bollywood actors. Some of them are flamboyant hairdos that have set the pace for future generation. If we rewind the time by few years, we would be surprised to find that many of the hairstyles are copied by our own parents. This can be witnessed when you would see their pictures having stylish hair with sunglasses.
Here we have some of the popular hairstyles of Bollywood actors that people have carried forward obsessively and successfully.
1. The Sadhana Cut
This was the most famous haircut of those times. This was apparently inspired by Audrey Hepburn, one of the legendary Hollywood stars. This ‘on the fringe’ hairdo made the actress so famous that people remember it till today. The lovely front fringes were a big bang that became a status symbol among young generation.
2. Blunt Cut
90’s kids just can’t forget Bollywood blockbuster ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and Kajol, of course. The Blunt cut hairdo, Kajol had in first half of the movie became so popular that the kids and teenagers of those times got obsessed for it. That was the trendsetter hairdo of 90’s.
3. Tere Naam Hairstyle
The moment we recall ‘Tere Naam’, it reminds us of the legendary hairstyle that Salman possess. The long straight hair killed the youngsters. It became a rage among college-goers. Everyone, from rikshawalas to shopkeepers, from milkmen to security guards had it. Didn’t matter, whether it was suiting them or not, they just had it.
4. Front Fringes
This is a beautiful hairstyle that girls are still crazy about. The front fringes look fabulous especially on a girl having big forehead. Even today, it is quite popular among girls and even Bollywood actresses love it.
5. Ghajini Hairdo
People got crazy about this too. Most of the people after watching the movie immediately cut their hair similar to Aamir Khan. This Ghajni look got so famous that it every 9 out of 10 men had it. It got viral all over the country and it is still remembered as a style trend.
6. Plait Hairstyle
It looks lovely. It is inspired from the previous Bollywood actresses and it is still continuing with a big bang. It is a cute hairstyle that makes the girl looks cuter. Also, it goes with every look. Be it a traditional look or western look, it looks elegant.
7. Pony tail
Pony tail, which is basically a hairstyle that women carry, is now famous among men too. Many Bollywood actors have experimented with it. It gives a smart look and goes with formals too. We can see it copied by many college students.
8. Untidy Buns
These are very common among girls. They opt it traditionally as well as with western look. Unlike a normal neat bun, it looks cool enough when girls do it with shorts and crop tops. Traditionally, with Saree and long earrings, it gives a modest look.
9. Spikes Hairstyle
Who can forget the cute looks of Aamir khan in ‘Tare Zameen Par. The famous hair spikes that Aamir had in the movie inspired many people. Boys went bonkers about it and kids copy this hairstyle till date.
10. Men Hair Bun
These have become so common in boys. Many of our bollywood actors have tried it like Shahid Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, etc. This is one of the coolest hairdos ever. Even girls, nowadays, are experimenting with the same.
These are the best hairdos which got famous and are still famous. Some of them are new in the line. So you can try whichever you like because there is nothing like doing experiments.
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