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It took the whole Bollywood ( Saif Ali Khan, Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan) to gang up and cringe about one woman (Kangana), then she definitely must be a special person. Karan Johar's unimaginative jokes on nepotism pleased none.
... And went on to drag Kangana Ranaut for her remarks on nepotism on Karan's chat show.
Varun literally wore Nepotism on his shirt, well that’s a good way to “ honour his legacy”
But its Kangana Ranuat spirit that I align with, to shut up the haters
When you listen to ‘Nepotism rocks’ on a Bollywood award show arena that claims to celebrate cinema and flair, you must feel in the middle of the funeral of ‘irony’ that was shouted out loud on that stage!
Taking on a mélange of influence and Privilege
Kangana won the sobriquet of ‘Queen’ after the mind-boggling success of Vikas Behl’s Queen and successfully shouldering the tasks of the Tanu Weds Manu franchise which surprisingly made her a rockstar!
Kangana entered the film industry penniless, but she easily won hearts!
Kangana came to Bollywood with her super curly hairs and acting skill to put others to shame. A girl who came to Bollywood minus money or filmy background and now looks around her, thoroughly blasé.
She even told Karan things, which are actually sarcastic but true-
But when three fortunate men come as one on stage to say " Kangana na hi bole toh achha" you know that she must have done a little right.
These 3 privileged men actually gave Kangana an undue respect!
It's also obvious that this is going to be time-consuming and forlorn battle coz *news flash* no one takes punga with authority and she is our exile queen.
But I expect she does. Every day. May you forever be the showstopper and important that it takes three men, channeling a shepherd attitude, to talk about you. And may you forever be the way you want to be, ‘coz nothing gets their goat more than a girl who looks through them, blasé!
Nepotism is a bigger problem but the way to Take jibes on Kangana at IIFA is below-the-belt-hit
I am not going to induce you that favoritism is a very genuine issue and no amount of “But star kids have to work hard” is going to make it go away. But the greater issue with these jokes at IIFA is that they stink of prerogative. Three rich and influential men belittled a name who questioned the status quo just because they can. These were some mean-spirited jokes, sadly, we didn’t felt entertained.
Varun Dhawan Apologised after the show, it does send a strong message
Nepotism doesn’t ‘rock’. But sons of Yash Johar, Sharmila Tagore and David Dhawan wouldn’t be familiar with satire if it walked past them donning head-to-toe Versace. But soon Varun Dhawan realized they went too ahead, so he apologized on Twitter.
Kangana, remain the maverick and fighter which you and never, never change!
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