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You might have felt great when you thought of shifting to some other city/country to work or study. Initially, it’s a wonderful feeling as you feel independent and free to make your own choices in everything you do. But gradually, this fantasy changes into bitter reality. Being far from your parents and family makes you feel sick and your life perspective begins to change. No doubt, it helps you to realize your capabilities and responsibilities but it certainly makes you realize the actual worth of your family. You finally learn what family means.
When you are miles away from your beloved parents you miss everything badly. However, staying away from them sometimes increases love and strengthen your bond with them. But on specific occasion you probably feel that leaving your parents was the insane decision ever taken by you. Parents are actually the glue that holds your life’s mess together and weave it back in a proper way. And, when you are away from them, everything gets messed up again.
Here are some of the things that you will surely miss staying away from your parents.
Can’t share things in person
Sometimes, when you get some reward, praise or appreciation at your work place, you find someone to share your happiness. At that time you miss your parents because you want to credit them for that reward. But, unfortunately you can’t express your happiness with them in person.
Missing Homemade food
Who can better than mothers? Certainly, no one can. Especially for a child, mom’s homemade food is a heavenly meal. No matter, how much you eat from good restaurants or how much you like start food, at the end of the day, ‘Maa K Hath Ka Khana’, are incomparable. But being far from home never satisfied you as you don’t get mom’s food.
When you are ill and you don’t feel your parent’s presence
Being sick when you are far away from your parents adds more to the agony. You are at a loss without them. It’s worse, when you stager around, cook something for yourself, find medicines on your own and do other things they used to do for you. Finally, when nothing comes out right, you feel disappointed and gloomy.
Always worrying about parents
We always fear about our lonely parents when we are away from them. The mind always worries about certain things like-what if, they get ill? Who will nurse them? In emergency, who will take them to the doctor? These questions pops up anxiety in us but we feel helpless about it.
Financial difficulties
Getting a considerable amount of salary and paying for rents and other bills is something difficult to manage. Moreover, when you are supporting both the households then it would obviously become burdensome. The only option is to spend wisely on things which sometimes become annoying when you see your friends parting frequently. All you have to do is just to watch them helplessly.
Can’t speak out your problems
There are times when you feel pathetic about things. You are messed up with life and become depressed. When you try to tell your problems to the people around you, they just listen to you but fail to understand your feelings. That is the time when you miss your parents. And, the worse thing is that you don’t want to speak up about your problems to your parents because you feel they might get tensed as they are alone. There builds up an invisible wall that resists your feelings which makes you more miserable.
Missing family events
This is the most common thing that you probably miss living far away from the family. The wedding functions, the festivals, get togethers and other occasion get skipped by you for just one reason- you don’t get an off from your office. You miss your family members, relatives and cousins badly and years to meet them. But again, you are helpless.
Adjusting with your emotions
Sometimes living alone makes you frustrated and you are unable to find the reason behind your nasty nature. Everything around you becomes unpleasant and you feel low- spirited whatever you do. The reason being, you have a monotonous routine that leads to melancholy. At that time, you miss your family members. You just want to be with them, talk to them, spend time with them, but you are unable to do that. Gradually, you learn to adjust with your emotions and adapt your routine.
Problem of managing things
It gets difficult to manage things on your own. At home your parents take up every responsibility. But when alone, you have to manage things yourself. Paying bills, getting groceries, washing clothes, cleaning messy house and your cupboard, all these things need your patience and it becomes difficult to manage them with your office work.
Missing funny quarrels
The worst thing is when you miss the funniest part of your family. Sitting on the dining table and listening the petty amusing quarrels among the family members would have made your day. But being apart and having dinner alone makes you feel sick and sometimes make you feel cry while recalling that cute time.
Missing their Scolds
When you live with your parents, you feel sick when they scold you. But, once you are away from them you yearn for listening to their voice, even if it involves reprimands.
Skipping meals
Parents take care of their children in every way, whether, they are up on time in the morning, feeling sick, having their food on time or not. While being away from them makes the parents feel insecure about their children. Moreover, when we are in hurry we sometimes skip breakfast, sometimes lunch or dinner because we don’t get time for ourselves. This harms the body.
Waiting desperately for the holidays
You just get mad for this. From the beginning of the month, you start creep up on the calendar to find holidays. The only reason is to make a plan and run away to your hometown to meet your family members. You get excited one week before for your plans which makes you feel happy all the time.
It’s true that when you are apart from your family, you realize their worth. Always remember, there are times when you feel like you’ve failed but in the eyes, heart and mind of your parents, you are PERFECT.
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