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Your vagina gives birth to life.
What else is there to say? This one reigns supreme. Vaginas are, for lack of a better word is just awesome. Every section of it; from the vulva to labia to the clitoris and every other part is an astonishing work of art. The only part of the human framework that exists exclusively for pleasure — and no other reason — is part of the vagina, just adds to how unique it is.
Though you might think you know your vagina inside and out but trust me, woman, it’s still a ~*mYsTeRiOuS~* place. So instead here are reasons why you should embrace your vagina your sexuality as a whole, and hopefully, push you to add to your fluency on the subject.
1. You can get not 1 but 3 types of orgasms #winning
Though most women need a clitoral spur, your vagina offers you 3 entity yet unified areas that aid you get to the Big O. Based on the stimulus, you can have a clitoral orgasm, a vaginal orgasm, and an anal orgasm.
2. Your orgasms are in fact an access to your bodily and cerebral health
First of all having an orgasm in itself is an amazing feeling, you feel transported into a 3rd world. Second, if you have made momentous, energy-releasing orgasms (believe me, you'll know what I mean when you experience them!) you will know that your wits, body, and strength are as fit as can be.
3. Your vagina is the vital weapon to consciousness
Primeval civilizations such as those of the Japanese, the Egyptians, and the Indians accredited powers of the vagina. Back then, the vagina (no, not a woman, but the vagina) was used as a mark of existence, of expansion, of nourishment and was worshiped for the supremacy that it was.
Today, you can use this understanding and set free this resource of power to gain a better perceptive of your nous of nature, your requirements, your wishes not just on a bodily, but a psychological and saintly level as well.
4. These are the causes why vagina is seen as a hazard to the masculine domination
There is a reason that woman genital transformation is an actual truth. A reason why women are robbed of what is their inheritance. An explanation why their ideal bodies are tampered with. An explanation for why the idea of female sexuality was compressed if not largely eliminate.
While this olden times should make our blood boil, it must also make us reflect on why the subject is so forbidden. The advantage here is that once we value the politics of faith behind this obliteration of the notion of female sexuality, we can alter the idiom for the future generation of young women.
The vagina is a weapon that has died out the patriarchal culture as the dawn of time. It's time that we women take matters into our own hands to give a free rein to its true supremacy - and by default our true authority.
Because it represents my femininity and hence it gives me a sense of pride!
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