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‘Love’ is a magical word that gives meaning to our life. But have you ever pondered over the true meaning of Love? What exactly love is? How do you explain or describe love in your relationship? According to Robert Sternberg, a psychologist, Love comprises of three aspects- Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. These are the main pillars of love.
If I say that everyone possess a love style that makes his/her relationship unique, would you believe me? The truth is that there are 6 love styles (given by Sternberg) that help you to understand and define Love in a better way.
Here we have six Love Styles that help you to contemplate which category you fall in.
1. Agape
Agape basically refers to self-less love. They are truthful, calm, loyal, sensible and highly patient and also love their partner unconditionally and passionately. They don’t give so much in love and never have a single tinge of desire in them. They mainly have a sacrificing and compromising nature.
2. Ludus
Ludus is a love without commitment. Unlike serious love relationships, it is all about dating and having fun with the partner. This love style never desires honesty. Moreover, the partners never consider them in a serious relationships rather they just enjoy it for few days.
3. Storge
Storge is just like love cum friendship. Here the partners are more inclined to their friendship part rather than the physical or emotional love. They lack passion in their relationship. They are more into friendship. But it has been seen that gradually their relation takes a turn and they are slowly drawn to a loyal commitment.
4. Eros
This denotes a truly passionate relationship. Both the partners are fully involved both physically ad emotionally. They always behave like love cupids. Romance is always in the air and they mainly share a long-term relationship. So, does your relationship possess Eros Love style?
5. Mania
Mania as the name itself suggests denotes obsession as well as jealous factor. The partners go crazy about each other to the extremity. They can’t even digest their spouses talking to some other girl or boy. These feelings can result into stalking and negativity. Have you ever felt this in your relationship?
6. Pragma
Pragma basically represents practical love. Here both the partners share an unromantic relationship but do have attraction for each other. Their goals and motive in life are the real basis of their relationship. They are more inclined to practical aspect rather than emotional and physical.
So, try and contemplate about the category you fall in. This will surely help you to understand your relation.
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