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The era of selfie has changed the whole appearance of the world. Although, it is the age where technology helps the people making memories and recall them through clicking and sharing pictures on social media. But this was not the case few years back. In our childhood, we used to take pictures and keep the record for making memories for future. And certainly, it still feels great when we see those SLR camera pictures and get nostalgic. But today, it’s different. Now, we have DSLRs and Smartphone’s to click pictures which can be viewed instantly. We have lost the feeling of getting curious about waiting for the SLR camera photographs to be developed.
The online activities of taking and posting pictures on social sites affect the self of an individual as well as his whole life events. They (in some cases) actually affect him morally and degrade his own personal worth.
But is that a good thing? Don’t you think it’s affecting the individual’s life satisfaction level to the core?
Let’s discuss about the effects of selfie on one’s self- esteem and social sensitivity. The various studies have been conducted to see the effect of selfies on these two psychological aspects and here what the results show:
# Selfie and Social Sensitivity
The first study, ‘Let me Take a Selfie’, is by two graduate students at Penn State University. The study concluded that people compare themselves with others on social media which hit their self-awareness and hence, decreasing the social sensitivity. They get jealous and affect badly. Those who do not participate in posting or liking the social content but are just the observers; often think that they do not meet the social standards. The happy selfies of people on social sites make other people think that their life is not as great as those lucky people. They feel less entertained and hesitate to post their selfies online. Many people also feel weird while seeing the personal intimate pictures of cupid couples. This makes them judge about their own relationship with their own partners. Believe it or not, we have never talked about these things in general, but do ask yourself once, if this happens in real or not. That’s the sad reality that we have to accept while living in this selfie arena.
# Selfie and Self-Esteem
Clicking and posting selfies on social networking sites can possibly increase the self- esteem of a person. This is because this activity satisfies the person’s desire of becoming popular. They feel that they are getting praise and appreciation from others which ultimately enhance the level of their life-satisfaction. People boast about themselves through social media. Also, their inner drive gears them up to post everything about themselves. Some people print every event of their life on social sites just to get famous and bag compliments. And when they get what they desire, their self-esteem automatically rises up and they feel fell contended internally.
But, this can also be the other way round.
Sometimes, people after sharing pictures online expect a positive feedback that includes admiration and when they don’t get it, it badly influences their life satisfaction. A study conducted by Wang and Fan Yang, graduate students in mass communications concluded that the more often people view their own and others' selfies, they compare the pictures which sometimes results in decrease in the level of self-esteem and life satisfaction. Less likes or comments make them feel dishearten and they ultimately lose confidence which can ruin one’s self worth.
I think we can probably make a good judgment of how selfies can negatively affect an individual morally as well as emotionally. But surely, this selfie age will never come to an end. Each one of us knows about the consequences of posing personal pictures on social sites, but does anyone care? Just a few does. No doubt, it’s a source of happiness too but it might trouble your life events terribly. So, Be Careful!
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