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A 90’s kid grew up without internet and play station. The technology wasn’t at its boom, but the class and chivalry made this era distinctive. And so were our choice in vehicles. We had some amazing vehicles during that period, and we can’t stop crushing on them if they ever pass by, even today.Let’s discuss those vehicles:
Premier Padmini
There was a time when this car was considered a prized possession, not just another taxi on the road. Behind the wheel gear shift and a classy look means that this car is still seen on roads and in Bollywood explosions.
Bajaj Chetak
This vehicle represented Indian middle-class in many ways. A husband riding this scooter with his wife sitting behind him and with two kids adjusted wherever space was found, is a timeless image in our minds. That’s Bajaj Chetak, My Friend!
Hindustan Ambassador
The Indian car market most relates to is the Ambassador car. Based on the iconic Morris Oxford, the Ambassador created waves in the Indian market by serving the Indian public at every walk of life. From diplomat’s transportation to the cab service, the spacious, strong, masculine Ambassador sure remains the most impressive image of a car nineties in our country.
Yamaha RX 100
This little dynamo gave maximum riding thrill. The two stroke machine still holds an iconic position, and you see it zooming around the road quite often. It was a status symbol for the youth and brought out the macho in the rider. My dad use to ride one!
Kinetic Honda DX
While the Bajaj Chetak was for the family with kids, the Kinetic Honda Bike was for couples and college goers. The advent of gearless scooties that will revolutionize the way we ride on streets later, Kinetic Honda was Manly, convenient, tall and relatively maintenance free.
Matador Van
There were many uses of this versatile vehicle, but the one it was mostly used for was training school kids for the Mumbai locals. As many as 50 kids to one Matador for ferrying from home to school and back meant that all of us, at some point, have sat in the Matador. It was popularly used in Movies
Maruti Omni
This van has been seen in countless Bollywood films during the 80s and 90s used by the villain’s gang for one or the other obvious reason. We still recognize the vehicle as Kidnapping car.
Bajaj Sunny
Bajaj sunny was India’s first ladies bike or sooty with an automatic gearbox. The scooter was targeted at teenagers who are eligible for a license for without gear two wheelers. Sunny has a 60 cc engine and a maximum speed of 50 km/h; It can carry a load of 120kg. It's hard to spot this vehicle on the road these days.
The Indian motorcycle company was launched motorcycles in 1960 under the brand name Jawa and later Yezdi. The most popular model was the Yezdi Roadking, and Jawa was known for its active racing. These two bikes were the biggest hit in India during that era. Still, we can locate somewhere these vintage bikes.
Fiat 118 NE
Have some more vehicles in mind? Tell us about them in the comments section below.
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