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Saree is the oldest traditional attire of India. It is said to be the only outfit that is more versatile and adaptable. This six- yard wrap looks adorably elegant specially, when it is worn on festivals and wedding occasions. India is considered as a treasure trove in the unique varieties and styles of saree. Being a versatile outfit, saree is worn in every part of the country. It is mainly available in different fabrics and can be wrapped in various styles. Every woman gets a complete Indian look in this graceful attire. It is basically a reflection of the real Indian essence.
There is a wide spectrum of styles of wearing saree that gives unique look to a woman on different occasions. If you are a woman, you would surely love to wear sarees. And just imagine if you get a variety of styles of wrapping this wonderful piece of cloth, then it would make you feel as an eye- catcher on every event. Be it a college farewell, a wedding occasion, birthday party or office function, you are gonna look fabulous.
So if you want to try different wrap styles to get a unique look then here we have curated a list of wearing sarees in different styles to help you out. Check it out-
1. Dhoti-style saree
This is basically inspired from Maharastrian drape. Drape the saree around the waist. Then bring the longer section of the saree back to front making 3-4 inches pleats. Secure the rest part i.e. the pallu on the shoulder with a safety pin. Bring the pallu forward covering the hip and tuck it at the center. Make hood like cowls and pass it under the legs as to look it like dhoti.
2. Pant Style drape
You can also team up your saree with matching or contrasting pants or leggings giving it purely a different and stylish look. You don’t need to wear a petticoat under it as legging or pants will replace it. Wrap sari around your waist, make the pleats, tuck and toss the pallu over your left shoulder. Keep the pallu a little low to give it a designer look.
3. Mumtaaz Style wrap
Everyone loves the Mumtaaz saree drape from the famous song ‘Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar K Charche’ from the movie ‘Brahmchari’. The style of the saree includes wrapping the garment tightly 3-4 times around the lower body to make your perfect figure more attractive. With that a round neck sleeveless blouse and high hair bun gives a perfect retro look.
4. Indo- western look
Indo- western style is a western tinge to the ethnic drape. You can again wear a cigarette pant as a bottom. Hold the inner end of the saree and make big pleats. Now tuck it on your waistline in the front towards the right side. Now make the shoulder pleats by taking the pallu. After making pleats, pin it up loosely over the shoulder. This will create a tulip hem drape like structure which looks stylish and unique. You can team this up with different styles of blouses like off shoulders, banned necks or even with the full sleeves.
5. Skirt style drape
This is the simplest and prettiest way of draping saree. It gives both saree cum skirt look. All you have to do is make small or wide- box pleats around the waist. Drape the pallu over the shoulder with narrower pleats. It gives a skirt- top dress look.
6. Butterfly drape
This drape is almost same as the normal wrap around saree having one exception and that is the pallu shoulder is pleated very thinly to show off the flat midriff and navel. Here you can add a traditional broach in the front of the shoulder to secure the pallu. This is worn to highlight the curves of the body to give you a complete regal look.
7. Mermaid saree style
This is a kind of style that you must try for special occasions. This gives you a slimmer look irrespective of body shape. This saree is worn fitted at the hip portion and flared out at the lower portion i.e. the hem part. Pallu followed from the waist is secured on the shoulder with a pin.
8. Wavy drape
This style is literally eye- catching and extraordinary. You just have to drape the saree in a normal way until you work on pleats. The pallu will be pleated in a length wise direction in 4-5 inches and 4-5 pleats. Now hold the pleats throwing half behind the shoulder and half in the front carefully. Now arrange the waves in the pleats and secure it with a pin. Use a waist belt to give it a neater look.
9. Open Pallu style
This is no doubt very common style of draping saree but it’s the prettiest way of carrying it. it looks great on every occasion depending upon what kind of saree design it is. Here you don’t have to create the pallu pleats and just drape it wrapping in the front, clipping the top edge on the left shoulder and let the rest of the pallu droop down.
10. Tunic- style drape
Here you just have to follow the same method of wrap around saree. Once the pleats are tucked into the waist, pull out the tunic. Then place the loosely pleated pallu over the shoulder.
These are some of the different ways to drape a saree. Try them yourself and don a new look every time you wear a saree.
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