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Dear Bhai, (Munne :D)
I know that writing a letter has become a thing of past in today’s busy schedule. But still, being your younger sister I am writing few words to put my heart out that might make me feel good. Since my birth, I have been with you at every festival, be it Diwali, Holi or our favourite ‘Rakhi’. But this is the first time that I am away from you. I was so excited to meet you on this Raksha Bandhan but circumstances didn’t let me to do so. Getting married and having responsibilities towards family is the thing you can understand better than me. You know, it’s much easier to talk about going away from your loves ones but in real, it’s the life’s most difficult thing one does. I miss the whole family but the thing I miss the most is our childhood. I remember every little moment we have spent with each other. Mom used to tell me that you were the happiest person when I was born. Your words, “I got a Doll” are the best words I can ever hear.
Life has always been happy and funny with you around. We used to play, go to school, eat, watch cartoons & movies, sleep together and used to share secrets with each other. I have so much to talk about but can’t write everything in this little piece of paper. I know that you also feel the same for me and want me there with you on this Rakhi. Oh God! How can I miss tying that beautiful thread on your wrist? But I am helpless bhai, really. The only thing I can do is to miss you on that day, wishing you tie the Rakhi I sent you or can see a click from you. That’s all. Remember, you used to tease me on Rakhi by giving me 20 rupees which was so annoying? And my words, ‘Oye bhukhe’, used to calm down my heart for a while. And then, stealing your purse and getting 100 rupees secretly, showing it to you and running away teasing you, were may be the best little moments of my life that makes me nostalgic. Oh! How strange creatures we were.
It was so much fun. So much! I really want to live those moments once again. Just wish to get that life back. I want to be your little cute sister again whom you used to get sweets and ‘Barf ka Gola’. You never expressed your love for me bhai, but I know how much love you have for me. You were funny, caring and protective brother in your own way. And you still care, may be more than you used to do. You are just no comparison with anyone.
I miss you all every second of my life. Sometimes, I just want to cry my heart out and run towards you to hug you but then I realize that I have responsibilities towards others too who are now the part of my life. But bhai, you were my first best friend and will remain be. Always!
Hope you won’t get emotional after reading this. I know you must be feeling nostalgic but I just want you to be happy specially, on Rakhi. Get the love thread tied on your wrist at the right time and do send me the clicks. I’ll be waiting.
Love you Bhai
Your’s Munni :D
(The main purpose of this piece of writing is to convey firstly, how metro cities stuck the relationships with hard duties. We hardly get time for family although we want to go home, but can’t. Secondly, being married, the responsibilities towards family (in- laws, be it husband or wife) increases that oppress your feeling towards the little happiness of life.)
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