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Back in late 90’s, In the television Industry there was no such 24X7 news channel. After few years, some news channels came into existence and the whole atmosphere transformed since then. In the previous times, journalists have to cover the news but now it seems like journalist have to CREATE their own news. The transformation from COVERING to CREATING is seriously very lame and pathetic. Today, we are going to discuss some pathetic news and will be doing some funny commentary that’ll make your day.
Get ready for the ultimate war between INSANE Indian Hindi news channel and the viewers (obviously wiser than them) let’s begin the game:
OMG! Listen, first of all, “Me” as a viewer is least interested in this thing whether Aliens are drinking milk or eating fried chicken. Please, just for the sake of Journalism ethics produce some good news.
WTF! We all know that in local language transgender are considered as “chakka” and in this news they are comparing Dhoni with “sabse bada chakka”? Oh! please spare us , you pathetic media.
Just see the headline and imagine how badly they can create news. They are comparing airplane with bier, very bad.
All fake news and they are showing these types of news on national TV. What should we say now? RIP Hindi news channels.
They are portraying Kejriwal in this news which clearly shows their biased nature towards the other. Hope you can understand.
Like seriously, they are showing this news. At one place, when a country is killing the other one brutally, they showing this S#*T.
There are very few channels which do a sensible journalism in this overcrowded media industry. In the end, I want to plead before the media to act wisely and choose the mode of information very carefully. Always remember, that this media is known as the most dangerous machine of PROPOGANDA & MANIPULATION. So, take your time before acting upon these pathetic news channels.
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Image concept & Author - Adnan Alam
Image designed by Manas Shrivastav
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