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If you are in love, you can completely understand how important is to communicate feelings to your partner. To make a relationship stronger with time, you need to retain an important factor that will take your relationship to another level and that important thing is the ‘Expression of Love’. Apparently, some people are perfect in expressing their love to their loved ones. But some are unable to convey their love. They might not verbally good enough but are ideal in their gestures to express their passion and love towards their spouse.
In fact, how you are holding hand can say a lot about your relationship. It is a kind of gesture through which your partner can feel your love even if you don’t say it in words. The touch, the feel, and every bit of your body convey something. This is the power of love. If you love someone, you must be thinking about him/her right now and also how you and your partner hold hands. Ain’t you? I’m sure you must be!
So, here we have some hand- holding postures that reveal a lot about your love for significant another. Try ‘n’ connect yourself with the pure gestures of love.
1. Holding One Finger
This type of hand- holding position indicates that both the partners give priority to each other. They offer space and are always open to independence. There is no restriction between them. Both of them never impose their opinions on one another. On the other hand, there can also be a little negative implication. It might depict a fragile relationship between the two as the posture depicts only the fingers tied up.
2. Fingers Interlaced
Interlocked fingers are a great sign of passion and strong bond between the couple. The love connection between the two is supposed to be never ending and unconditional. They can always be seen as love cupids. Even the way they look at each other express lot of feelings. But if one out of two has loose interlocking of hand, then it’s not a good sign, of course.
3. Palm Facing Downward
If you hold your partner’s hand this way, you are supposed to have a cute and unified relationship with him/her. Unlike passionate relationship, it is more towards the sensitive and emotional aspect. The couple is considered as emotionally attached and symbolizes togetherness till eternity. It also depicts that the person whose hand is facing downward while holding partner’s hand is more dominating and decisive in nature than the other.
4. Holding Arm
This hand holding posture is mainly seen between the couple in social gatherings. They mainly try to become formal. Sometimes it is considered as a kind of status symbol or social standard that exhibit showing off. But if a couple hold hands like this normally like every day, then it may be concluded that the one who holds the partner’s arm is in a way being protective and feels insecure without him/her.
5. Holding Hands Somewhat Forcibly
Beware if you and your partner hold hands like this! It simply means that the one who is forcibly holding other’s hand is getting possessive. The relationship thus, is going on a serious path because the one who behaves normally in a relationship gets uncomfortable when he/she will reach the saturation point. The things, with time probably go wrong between the couple.
6. Pulling The Hand Slightly, While Holding
If your partner does this rarely then it’s not an issue because he/ she can do it while crossing roads or coming out of a crowded place. But if it happens routinely then it’s definitely something to consider seriously. This type of hand- holding postures depicts that things have changed now. The passion between the couple is losing spark and also it’s a sign of getting bored of the relationship.
7. Without Holding Hands
If this kind of situation occurs frequently in your relationship then it means that your partner is losing interest in you. The passion and desperation towards each other is vanishing slowly. But if it happens rarely then the reason behind it can be the partner’s shyness or introvert behavior in front of other people. Or he /she don’t want their relationship to be revealed among people. All you need to do is, give some quality time to understand the real essence of your relationship.
I am sure, after reading this you might have connected yourself with these hands- holding postures and must be thinking about the true essence of your relationship.
Good luck, Cherish your Love!
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