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(We are going to complete 70 beautiful years of Independence on 15th August and undoubtedly, the credit goes to our esteemed Indian Army who has always sacrificed their happiness and comfort throughout life. Here, I am bringing out my sentiments through words in regard to the soldiers of Indian army whom we should owe our existence.)
The Indian Soldiers,
Sitting at the work place, doing my regular work while taking sip of tea, suddenly, on my laptop screen, I sighted a picture of an Indian soldier who was lying alone in a deserted desert looking up in the sky. It seemed to me in the first look as if he is missing his family. I literally had tears in my eyes. A different and strange feeling hit my heart. I started comparing him to myself. How? Why? I don’t know! It occurred to me how fortunate I am. I forgot all my anxieties and tensions in no time. Feeling so blessed in life, I felt little irksome about the things I complaint about on daily basis.

The very next moment, I actualized that out of all the blessings, the greatest one is the freedom of my country. This is certainly the biggest to which I owe a sincere gratitude to none other than my nation’s valiant heroes.
Contrast to the comfort and coziness we own, you live in a dry, draught, dusty and isolated places where we cannot even imagine living in. You never get solace and serenity. We eat the best food daily and for you, ‘Maa ke hath ka Khana’ is something you can never think of because you don’t want to indulge yourself in false expectations.

The world knows what you do for us. But my dear brave Brothers, only you know what extreme conditions you face. Because I am not in your shoes, I can never ever get to know about the hardships you confront. I can never understand your urge to meet your family, specially your kids. I can never understand the pain of lonely father and mother who are in fact so courageous to send their ‘Dil ka tukda’ to fight for others. Hats off to them! Moreover, I can never feel the fear of leaving home without being known about the comeback. I can even unable to feel the chilling cold you experience at the forefront. I can never understand the pain in your heart that is continuously growing just to have a single look at your hometown, those lanes, the walls that encloses the courtyard where you used to play with your friends and most importantly, the wrinkled hands that used to soothe you when you were tired.
I know I can never fully appreciate all the sacrifices you do for your country, your family, and your friends. But I have only 2 words to say that might express my feelings- THANK YOU. It’s indeed a sincere expression of my emotions. Please do accept it on behalf of every citizen of our country who owes you his life.
With deepest respect,
A Country lover
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