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In an initial phase of relationship, one does not recognize if it’s all about love or lust. To be in a relationship, one has to be honest about everything towards your partner. But nowadays, it is not that easy to judge a person. Many people adapt Use and Throw approach. So, it becomes difficult to trust our partner even when he shows love and care. We cannot predict the coming consequences that a relationship might hold in future. But an animator and illustrator Karina Farek has depicted two sides of a relationship that can depict an exact of picture of your relationship.
Have a look at the Love vs. Lust illustrations that will help you to make yourself clear about your relation.
1. He would see your inner beauty
2. Just wants to be with you every time
3. Laugh without any reason
4. Remembers little things about you
5. Thinking of spending quality time
6. Takes tough things on him/her
So get to know about what your loved one feels for you, whether he /she is truly in love with you or it’s just for a short run.
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