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Game of Thrones gifted us many characters and theories and one such theory is FACELESS MAN! But it seems India is taking it too seriously, at least the recent events prove it.
The India I loved and was proud of seems to have receded
Unity in heterogeneity is the silken bond that, unsung and often unrecognized, yet calmly but generally securely, binds us as one. These days, it seems, that unseen binding strand is coming loose.
The sense of being one – though we are diverse in look and tongue, belief and riches – is weakening, and it is saddening!
Let's decode why India loves Mob? The apt reasons can be-
Last year a mob killed an alleged rapist in Nagaland, remember Dadri, Malda, oh I can go on. The point is we are so aggravated from the government and system of the country and so delusional about the explanation of valour that we barely tend to make any logic when it comes to situations like this.
What is the definition of normal? Whatever things happen too often is termed normal. This mob justice is slowly becoming our usual. Such incidents are occurring too often. People getting killed for eating beef, people getting killed for Facebook posts, people getting killed for punishing a rapist may he be a self-acclaimed god, like wise in the case of Gurmeet Ram Rahim.
Yes, this can be an apt reason for the growing love of mob culture as "Bheedh Ka Koi Chehra Nahe Hota"! And the irony is we have actually taken this quote too seriously!
Nearly 2/3 rd of India now breathes under BJP rule; there is no opponent left to speak of. What voices of restraint and explanation there used to be within the BJP are either too intimidated to speak or feel that it is politically unfit to do so.
Walking with a mob can give you a high, don't believe me?Then have a look at the violent clashes which broke in Punjab and Haryana by the followers of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh conviction for raping two women followers in 2002! 30 people lost their lives after the violence. But the most saddening part was " THE MOB WAS SUPPORTING A RAPIST!" Yes, that's what he is now!
Yes, the flow is the driving force because such a big crowd just can't be so brainless!
Like all forms of theatre, a lynching depends on what is left unspoken; it creates a temper and tone. The stillness that settles in after the elated act of aggression, which all have witnessed in the past be it Panchkula, is frightening.
Mob lynching is much more than just a murder and it can never be justified
India is slipping beyond the fair trade. It is disturbing that the ancient Hindus were born Ahimsa Vaadi = or peace lovers, followers of men like Mahatma Gandhi don’t blink an eye before forming a mob and taking things in our hands. A murder may occur in private. A lynching is a public spectacle; it demands an audience. And not just a murder in which one man is caught up, but rather a great televised show in which an entire nation, through its silence, is intrigued.
Sadly we are living in the troubled times!
Written By: Neha Singh
Designed By : Vikas Kakkar
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