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How to find out whether you are in love or not? In our life we face many situations in which we get confused with the relationship but there are many actions that literally prove “YES YOU DO LIKE THAT PERSON”. Today we are going to discuss some of the signs or actions that totally prove that the equation between the two is going at somewhere else. Do remember it’s not only the actions it’s the feeling that comes after seeing that SPECIAL PERSON or by thinking about that SPECIAL PERSON.
Some actions & signs that define love attraction:
It’s not about the space it’s all about the comfort level one wants to give to someone.
There are lots of people who ask about food but the way that person ask is like very special.
Love is very rare to find and very tough to understand. CARE is one of the main pillar of relationship.
Listening is must for all but listening to someone very sincerely shows that something else is going on.
No matter what stupid thing that person do but you always like the stupidity of that stupid, mad and cutest person.
It’s a sign that you are now no more concerned yourself but also now that person’s problem is like yourproblem.
This is the cutest thing you want to do and the reason is unknown if it’s a true love.
Sign, when someone becomes ONLY ONE.
Spread the love because the power of love is the greatest power present in the human species. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more cute updates.
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Author & Image text - Adnan Alam
Image designed - Vikas Kakkar
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