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On this weekend let just present a photo series named 'The Story Of Hunger And Hope' in which many different photographers and photographers of National Geographic captures men, women and children living in poverty across the world.Includes subjects from Philadelphia in US, Bengal and Kolkata in India, Madagascar and also the coast of South Africa.National Geographic magazine and hunger-relief group Feeding America received more than 5,000 images for series.'It’s about realizing that hunger affects people from all races, all ages, and from every corner of the globe,' NG said.Here are some photos depicting the true image of POVERTY:
This captivating photo, from National Geographic and Feeding America's 'The Story of Hunger And Hope' series, shows a young child helping his father to transport a pile of crops down a road in New Delhi, India. It was taken by photographer Debajit Bose.
This image, by Sudipta Maulik, shows dozens of people gathering for Annakut festival in Kolkata, India. They eagerly collect prepared rice - an offering of the Hindu God Lord Krishna, seen showering from above - to ensure food safety for the rest of the year
This photo of Indian residents collecting bread from a food distribution service was taken by Sanchi Aggarwal. He said: 'I want to convey the message that how poverty still prevails in India. The intense looks in the eyes of the person conveys it all'.
US-based photographer Octavio Duran captured this image of Franciscan Father Michael Duffy greeting a poverty-stricken guest at St Francis Inn kitchen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Inn has been serving meals to the neediest people and families since 1979.
The photo, by ParthaSarathi Nandi, shows a man selling coconuts alongside his son in the village of Joypur in Bengal, India.
This one is by Malgorzata Walkowska, shows a man harvesting vegetables in Poland.
In order to create the series, National Geographic and Feeding America invited photographers globally to send in images. Above, this photo, by Ankit Mohonto, shows a young boy surrounded by misty skies as he returns home after a hard day's work in Assam, India.
This photo, by David Evans, was titled: 'Ending the Hunger Season in Madagascar'. It shows women stacking bundles of freshly harvested rice in preparation for the annual 'hunger season' when food supplies have run out and people die.
According to figures collected by the World Food Programme , a shocking one in nine people globally do not have enough food to live a healthy life. Above, This image, captured by Agnieszka Napierala, shows three of four million Haitians living in Dominican Republic.
Value of food is very valuable. Keep donating food. A message from TEAM LOPSCOOP.
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