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Being a cosplayer is in itself a tough job, one has to fit into the character with the help of costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Jonathan Stryker is a cosplayer and for past 10 years he has entertained the audience with his talent. To celebrate his talent, he has thrown away a ‘Disney week’ on his instagram account in which he has attempted to bring life to the characters we have enjoyed on the screen. This guy is pro in this art and his expressions are pure gold. Moreover the best part is that he has created the costumes from scratch and has put energy in the characters.
Let’s check out how well this cosplayer brings life to the characters.
#1 Milo
#2 Flynn Rider
#3 Hercules
#4 Aladdin
#5 The Lion King
#6 Emperor Kuzco
#7 Tarzan
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Author - Amit Singh
Image Source - strykerkun instagram
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