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On 27th September people all around the world are celebrating 19th birthday of Google. We “LOPSCOOP-ians” have decided to celebrate Google’s birthday in DESI style. So, today we are going to discuss the types of different Indian people who use the Google and what is their first priority to search on Google.
Get ready for funny but real type illustrations and do focus what they actually search:
#1 Kaam Chor
This is the true story in every office, all thanks to Google Sir.
#2 Bhukkad
No matter how much you try recipes from Google to cook good food, you’ll ultimately going to waste your money for trying a new dish.
#3 Ajnabi
These types of people use best of Google. They always remain busy on the phone because they are like hard core strangers at every stage.
#4 Padhe Likhe Gawar
They are the people who use Google as their English teacher.
#5 Pyar Mai Pagal
They are truly annoying people for Google because they always ask frequent questions from Google.
#6 Phukkad Log
They search products on Google with full zest but after visiting 2-3 sites they are literally done with their window shopping.
#7 Tharki
Please never ever check their web history. They are the true Despos of the year.
#8 Ghumakkad
For them Google is like God Father, they planned their whole trip according to Google.
#9 Cheater
For all the assignment, exams, and for everything Google is GOD for students.
I am sure you also come under one of the categories listed above. Stay calm and search on Google. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more interesting updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam.
Image designed by Vikas Kakkar.
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