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In this real world, there are some unreal things in which not everyone believes but it is considered as world’s most debatable topic that whether ghost or bad spirits really exist or not. Today we will witness some of the most horror incidents that are truly witnessed by some people.
So get ready to get scared:
The Sinister Funeral
"A former teacher I had actually told me this story. When she was about 15 years old, she used to go exploring waterfalls with her friends. It was a Sunday and they had decided to go to a waterfall that was close to a little farm. They were all walking down the road when a long line of people appeared in front of them, walking away from the farm towards the city. As they approached, they realized it was a funeral procession. They passed the procession and could see that it was made up of only men who were all dressed in black. They all had their heads lowered in such a way that it wasn't possible to see their faces. When the group of friends turned to watch the procession go, it had vanished.By–Efsantos2005, via BuzzFeed
The Legend of the Headless Man
"When I was a teenager, I had some friends over at my place for a sleepover. That night, in the wee hours of the morning, I woke up to the sound of somebody calling for me. When I opened my eyes, I saw a headless man right in front of the group of us. He was wearing slacks and brown shoes. I screamed so loud that it woke up my parents and the other girls. The next day, nobody but me really remembered what had happened. I still remember it to this day, and I'm almost 30 now,"By–Tatiane, via BuzzFeed
Beaten Up by a Ghost
"Four years ago I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a woman in a black dress standing beside my bed. When I sat up, she started to accuse me of having done things that I hadn't done, saying that I had apparently stolen someone from her. I don't know what was going through my head to argue with a ghost, but eventually I decided to ignore her and go back to sleep. She then pulled me out the bed while attacking my body. She suddenly disappeared and I was so afraid I couldn't get back to sleep. The whole thing felt so real that I was actually sore the next day, especially around my ankles where she had grabbed me while pulling me from the bed."–Yasmin Fontes, via Facebook
The Haunted Building
"I work in an old building that was built in 1929. The space was closed for at least 20 years before we moved in because the previous owner had killed his wife, and then himself. We moved in two months ago and almost every day at exactly 12:08 p.m. the bell for the front door rings, but there's never anyone there. We've looked at the security recordings and everything, and there's never anyone there.The other day I was alone in the office late in the evening. I was on my way out so I turned off all the lights, closed the windows, and activated the alarm. When I turned to close the door, the kitchen light was on (even though I had just turned it off). Another time, I arrived in the morning and the light in the main room turned itself off. I even heard the sound of the switch flipping. The last straw was when I saw my someone else's face next to mine in the reflection of my computer screen. There was no one there when I turned around.I decided to talk about these things with the building manager's wife, who's lived in the building for several years. She assured me that it's actually pretty quiet in the building these days, and that there used to be a lot more strange occurrences, and at least now she can take the elevator by herself. I just laughed nervously."–Almiro Dias, via Facebook
Grandmother's Spirit
"My grandmother lived with my family during the last months of her life. She died on the sofa in our house one Sunday night. The following week, I started to see someone in white passing through the house occasionally, and when I went looking for them, there was never anyone there. My sister claimed that she actually saw physical forms. We were terrified for a good while, until my sister and I could no longer sleep in our rooms because we were too afraid. My mother prayed, burned the couch in the backyard, and we never saw anything again."–Aline Rsd, via Facebook.
Hope this Sunday you must plan to watch some horror movie with your friends. Have a great and horror Sunday. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more scary updates.
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