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In this clean-clean world why we always go for cleanliness? Take a step and enter in the world of macho. Yes, we are talking about the beard, the pride that helps a baby to become a man. Sometimes, it’s really important that people who always tease you with the name of “baby” “chotu” “chikna”, etc. need to be counter-attacked. So, to tackle those in your real life just go for this bliss i.e. Beard. Now I am going to disclose some reasons why beards are bliss for Men:
No need to get worried of your baby looking face, Beard Baba is definitely going to help you.
Why we need spend so much of money on saloons and shaving form? Save money!
Yes, your beard is definitely going to enhance your personality.
Try to grow good length and quality beard and get ready to feel the magic of your BABY aka Beard.
If you have a double chin and coincidentally you are a lazy a#s then go for beard and hide your double chin completely.
Always trim your beard according to your Jawline, why to do such bad surgeries.
This is your baby; you grow it with due respect and love. So, don’t leave it alone. Always prefer to play and spend time with it.
Beard play a vital role in enhancing your personality. So go for it, enjoy and do take care.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image designed by Vikas Kakkar
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