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Most of the men have a great physique but they fail to impress others in life and at that point, a normal looking guy hits the bull’s eye very easily. In a good personality, we don’t need good skin tone, physique, Long height or something else. In many situation CLOTHES also place an important role. But now the question arises that everyone in this world has at least wore something (We are not talking about Stone Age people). Wearing clothes in a proper manner is also an art. Many times we buy some clothes which doesn’t look good on us and sometimes purchased clothes enhance our overall look. So, today we will find out some of the life hacks related to clothing. I bet you, do follow these illustrations and you will be starting to get appreciations from many known and unknown people.
So, here are some CLOTHES HACK:
#1 Shoulder Fitting
#2 Collar Fitting
#3 Seat Fitting
#4 Shirt Fitting
#5 Jacket Collar Fitting
#6 Jacket Sleeve Length
#7 Trouser Length
#8 Blazer Shoulder Rumpling
#9 Jacket Upper Sleeve Fitting
Hope after knowing the exact shape and fitting you will not going to repeat the silly mistake before purchasing, during stitching and after wearing. Always be aware of latest trends and for that stay calm and stay connected to LOPSCOOP.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Credit – Vikas Kakkar
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