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Life always challenges us in various ways and the funny part of the life is when you realize that now our lifes will not going to surprise us then suddenly you came out with a new problem. Today we are going to discuss some of the life situations in which you confront some of the most dangerous incidents of your life and the only thing speak out from your mouth is “LAG GYE L”.
Some hilarious yet true incidents of your life.
The one who already faced this problem can clearly imagine the scenario when Father confronts their son after this blunder.
Don’t act like a king and always remain in your limit, you never know when lives going to kick you’re a#s.
Be loyal to your girlfriend and if it is difficult for you than stay single be happy.
There are lots of applications to hide your stuff so be smart and try not to forget your phone.
If you had an iPhone than stop showing off to others please or get ready for being insulted.
Never choose color full Innerwear. Maybe any time it will become a nightmare for you. God knows.
There is lots of moment when we felt that “L lag gye” do share those experiences with and stay connected to Lopscoop for funny updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designer – Vikas Kakkar
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