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Stereotypes in India is a common thing, you get to know about awkward stereotypes that makes no sense. However with time things should be changed and we have to break the stereotypes. For that people around us should be made aware the fact that you cannot generalize things, just because you are having your own thought process. We need to make those people understand that if we have made such stereotypes then, we are the ones who are responsible to break it and end it as soon as possible.
Let's check 9 sterotypes in India that should be broken right away.
You cannot ask a artist to work for for free because he also have to make a living and earn bread for himself and his family.
Just because you had a bad day at a government office doesn’t mean that every government employee is corrupt. They are the ones who make things easier for us in day to day lives.
Some of the most famous cooks around the world are men and Sanjeev kapoor of India is a living example for the same, who is one of the best cook in the country.
Calling a girl ‘behen ji’ just because of the dress up is not at all accepted, she better know how to carry herself. You cannot call come with such names for a dress up.
People in India think that poets come with their thought process after they drink, but the fact is that they can write good poems even if they don’t smoke or drink.
Yes they can drive better than most of the men; it’s just that they might need some more time to learn driving.
The reason behind this stereotype is that we have mostly noticed that doctors are not having good handwritings, but this doesn’t mean that every doctor is will have a bad handwriting.
In India, if you are wearing pink then it is a sign that you might be a gay, but the hard truth is that if a man wears pink, it’s his choice and he feels that it suits him, you are no one to judge a person because of looks.
If she is going out and partying with a guy friend, that doesn’t mean she is sleeping with that guy. It’s her life and she can be good friends with guys around as well.
Like, comment and share it with your friends and family to break the stereotypes in India.
Author - Amit Singh
Design courtesy: Vikas Kakkar
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