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Marriage is considered as one of the toughest decisions in our life. Today, we will suggest you some of the most hilarious “things” that one should try before his marriage. I bet you that the coming 7 things are too unique to believe. But these things are “must try”.
P.S – Read the points at your own risk.
Some most useful advices:
If you ever plan for marriage please consult yourself. Always remember, “A happy marriage is a myth”
No matter how and where you hide your money, your ‘would be’ wife will be going to spend everything. So it’s better to be single and live your life to the king size.
Not only logically, stop even thinking.
It’s good to learn how to cook. Maybe after marriage, you have to pack lunch for your wife. God Knows!
I know it’s a very difficult technique to learn but it’s the best tactic to tackle many problems after marriage.
Ok, now some serious point! Before anything else, explores your passion & lastly, explore yourself.
In the end, please do make a habit to give respect and love to your partner.
There are lots of things one can do before marriage. Be yourself and enjoy your life before ‘The Judgment Day’. Oops! I mean, before marriage. Stay happy and stay tuned to LOPSCOOP.
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Author- Adnan Alam.
Image Credit – Vikas Kakkar.
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