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As winters are almost here, the most irritating thing that we face is the DRY SKIN issue & this issue goes both for Male & Female. But today, we are going to disclose 4 easy steps to get rid of this problem. We all know that in winter we all become too lazy to act. So keeping this in mind the coming steps are too easy to perform. Take action before even getting started.
4 easy steps:
Take The Shower Smartly!
Don’t go for long hot water shower or bath rather always aim for the short and lukewarm shower. After taking the shower gently use soft cloth or towel to take care of your skin. Never aim for too hot water in your bath because hot water slowly-slowly makes your skin too dry.
Choose The Soap Wisely!
Never go for harsh soap and cheap soap. Always prefer good branded soap for bathing purpose. Harsh soap attacks the skin tissues and destroys them. So always choose the soap wisely or consult Doctor while choosing soap.
Moisturized Your Skin Properly!
Apply a rich moisturizer as soon as you get out of that short shower, to seal in moisture. Moisturizing cream is not only limited for women in fact nowadays many brands have introduced effective moisturizing cream for men too.
Take Precautions in Humidity!
In the changing period of the season from hot to cold or cold to hot. Take many precautions like cleaning your sweat, drink lots of water and take proper diet to enhance your skin quality in many other ways. Humidity causes much harm that affects our skin. So before your skin gets dry start taking all the precautions.
These are the key steps to avoid the dry skin in the upcoming winter season. In winter, we all know that dryness irritates us the most, so kindly act smartly and updated and don’t let this winter ruin your skin. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more healthcare updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Credits – Vikas Kakkar
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