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Being single is bliss, however at times you might end up being that awkward guy in the group who ends up sitting alone in a party. With all such problems single guys face in their day to day life, today we decided to share their sad story, what all things they have to hear in their day to day life. You might relate to all the things listed if you are single as you know that what all you have to go through all day.
Here is the list of things every single guy gets to hear on a daily basis.
1) When you get to hear such things, you feel like that you are an alien in this chaotic world.
2) You know that you have no one special waiting for a New Year party and you end up celebrating it with family
3) You might be judged as a vella guy who sends messages every morning to share their Ucch Vichar.
4) You prefer watching movies sitting alone because you have no other option.
5) You are always asked about your past relationships and what was the story behind the break up.
6) You have been single for a long time and your friends know that you won’t get a girl in future as well.
7) You always get motivation from friends around you who recommend you to follow the passion as you are free most of the time.
8) You don’t have that special person with whom you will do video call and you end up having video call with your mother which is a (good thing).
9) You are judged in terms of expenses as you are single and friends around you think that you have huge savings.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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