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After starting with anything I’ll discuss one very important thought about SMOG in Delhi which is really destroying health and environment equally. But how can we hate something which totally belongs to us like the entire smog is created by human species (Just like cute little baby). The way we create pollution, destroy trees that straightly effect our environment. So there is no need to hate SMOG, instead love it. Here are 7 reasons why we have to SMOG and Delhi Pollution.
P.S – “Ye Delhi Hai Meri Jaan, Enjoy…. “
Purchase masks which is as big as possible and no need to worry while double dating in these cozy-cozy winters. This is not only limited to boys, Girls! You too can buy big mask, Right?Why should boys have all the fun : D
There is a lot of smog in the air. So chill peeps, light your cigarettes in front your father.
We always wonder how it feels like to be on 9th cloud, Right? Stop wondering and come to Delhi NCR or if you are already at Delhi-NCR then start feeling it.
Believe me! There is nothing left in this polluted Delhi. Plan for a long vacation and save some year of your total lifespan.
Nowadays, Delhi visibility ratio is very low so why don’t we make use of this situation for some good reason.
Whenever you travel on any flyover of Delhi just realize that you entered in some hilly region. Just ignore the toxic life taking gases and enjoy it.
Want to stop your girlfriend for shopping and movie then gift her home air purifier and tell her to stay at home only.
Hope you all have understood the benefits of SMOG. So, always remember: never hate anything which is entirely created by you & if you want to hate it then don’t create it.A healthy + Funny yet ugly message from LOPSCOOP!
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image credit – Vikas Kakkar
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