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Whenever we talk about gadgets and digital products we always exclude “girls” from our conversation but in this fast changing world, it’s better to update our mentality too. Today, we will discuss 5 best digital products for girls. But before going to start any conversation, let me exclude the mainstream products like Mobile, Laptop, Digi cam etc.
All these items are too common that are least in the list to discuss. So, without getting more distracted let’s just begin the list of cool, trend and useful Digital products for girls:
#1 – For Book Lovers
Yes, we have Kindle on our list, many people love to read lots of books but carrying books now days is like a task for everyone. So, here is the suggestion of DIGITAL BOOKS like “Kindle” for all the lovely book lover ladies.
#2 – For Memory Collectors
All of us love to collect memories but many of the ladies love to capture the candid not only digitally but also physically for their scrapbook. So, Instax is one of the few best digital products for them.
#3 – For Trendy Ladies & Fitness Freaks
In this advanced world, normal watches are too normal these days. Digital smart watch or fitness Tracker is the perfect new technology product for all the self-made ladies.
#4 – For Hardcore Music Lovers
If you are a true music lover then do purchase one mp3 player or iPod just to listen to the songs. In this busy world, we always face battery issues in mobile. So, be smart and purchase this product.
#5 – For Adventurous catchers
We all have that perspective that girls don’t do adventurous sports but if you really like a girl who loves the adventure then do capture that adventurous moment with your GO-PRO camera.
P.S – Do not compare the normal camera with GO PRO, if still you willing to compare then search them separately and acknowledge yourself.
It’s not about the BOY or GIRL, it’s all about the need. Maybe many above listed products are equally important for boys but if you are thinking of that so think the same for the girls too. Now for all the girls out there “Be yourself and be you”. Enjoy your life to fullest and go crazy to purchase these digital products.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Credits – Vikas Kakkar
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