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This season of Bigg Boss is full of drama and clashes. The celebrities and commoners are not missing a chance to get the footage. The personal comments are still on even after Salman said that one should not get personal at any cost in past week’s weekend ka vaar. However, it seems that the contestants have not understood this thing, and we have to wait and watch, what Salman stand on the clashes going in the Bigg Boss would houses.
The latest episode of Bigg Boss bought all sort of colors in the colors. We got to see that love was in the air between Puneesh and Bandgi. The fight between Akash and Benafsha is on and other contestants are trying their best to ignite the fire between them. It seems that Hina and Shilpa are playing the game their own style. Hina is instigating Benafsha and Shilpa is doing the same for Akash. One of the most controversial comments came from Bandgi in which she said that she will tell everyone with whom Priyank has slept in past.
After all these clashes, big announced the luxury budget task in which contestants have to be in rocket and the one who gets up first after the after the buzzer, will be directly nominated for captaincy. However, they lost the luxury budget again because most of the contestant left the rocket when Puneesh was sleeping at night. And at the end, Hina was seen crying in the show and she thinks that her decision to come in big boss was not right. Now we have to wait and watch what will happen in upcoming weeks.
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Author - Amit Singh
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